Quick intro to Flask

What is Flask? Flask is a web framework written in python. It is a micro web framework as it does not use any third party tools or library. It is based on Werkzeug toolkit which is a WSGI utility library and Jinja2 template engine and is BSD licensed. WSGI is a protocol which allows Python […]

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The rails way of real time

Rails is a development tool that provides web developers a framework and structure to introduce all the code they write. The Rails framework allows developers to create websites and applications. Rails are written in Ruby, the programming language, which is also used with Rails. Ruby’s call for developers lies in the elegance and brevity of […]

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Rails and Django comparison

For the integration of web applications, a template is provided by a web framework. There are so many frameworks available in the market and one might get confused to choose a one. Newcomers want a framework which is easy to learn and continue to progress with, in future. Django and Ruby on Rails are the […]

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